Gales Ferry Rates:  $17-$20/visit for half hour visit

Groton/Ledyard Rates:    $20/visit for half hour visit

Other towns within radius:    Will be determined by distance and time.




20-30 min. visit:  

Typical visit.  Gives time to clean dishes, feed pets, scoop litter and spend some quality time playing with cats, dogs, etc.  

Typical mid-day visit if letting dogs out in yard.


45 min. visit

(extra charges will apply)

45 minutes gives me time to walk and feed dogs and do any clean up necessary.  Gives more quality time to spend with your pets after feeding/cleaning/walking duties.  

Typical mid-day visit if visit includes walking dogs.


1 hour visit

(extra charges will apply): 

 A one hour visit is best for households where the pets need extra care and extra time; dogs that need to be walked and fed, pets that are not used to being alone and may need extra time and attention or multiple pet households that take extra time for cleaning, feeding and care.


I don't normally venture beyond a 10 mile radius of Gales Ferry (Inchcliffe Drive).  Towns outside Gales Ferry where my petsitting services are available are Groton and Ledyard, and the Groton side of Mystic.  I can offer referrals to other area petsitters where and when I'm unavailable.


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