Meg’s Pet Sitting Service

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Home Phone

Work Phone

Cell Phone

E Mail

How can you be reached when you’re away?: Phone_______________ Email______________

Period of Time you’ll be away:___________________________________


First Visit Date:


Time of Day:

   Morning    Noon      Evening   Night

Last Visit Date:


Time of Day:

   Morning    Noon      Evening   Night

*based on 1/2 hour visit

Day Date Time of Visits Length of visits # of daily visits Total daily charge Total Fee

I agree to pay the above fee within 30 days of last visit:____________________________________






General Information

In case of inclement weather or natural disaster prohibiting our travel, please provide the name of a neighbor

whom we may call to check on your home & pets:





 Will anyone else have access to your home while you’re away?  If yes, please give details:


Do you have an alarm system?  Y/N     Code (will be kept confidential):  

Alarm Company Information:


Location of fuse box or circuit breaker (in case electricity goes out while you’re away)?

 Location of thermostat, and temperature it will be set at?

 Disposal of waste (litter/pooper scooper)?

 Location of cleaning supplies, litter box, food, treats or any other necessary items?

 Would you like us to take in your mail? Y/N             Newspaper? Y/N

 Would you like us to water your plants? Y/N

 Would you like us to fill your birdfeeder? Y/N

 Would you like us to take out your trash on trash day? Y/N             Day________

 Would you like us to alternate lights/curtains to give your home the “lived in” look? Y/N

 Would you like us to contact you regularly during our visits?  If so, how often?

 (Yes- e-mail)   (Yes-phone call)    (Yes-Text message & picture mail)       (“No news is good news”)

 Do you want us to verify that you have returned home on time and continue to visit if we do not hear from you?

 How do you want me to obtain and return your key?

            Leave in designated spot       or         Pick up/drop off key directly from owner