Client Name:                                                                                                  

Cat's Name(s): (1)____________________M or F      (2)__________________M or F         

Age(s):   (1)                                                                    (2)            _________________ 

Breed/Color/Markings:   (1)                                                (2)____________________         


What kind of food/s does your cat eat?    WET                        DRY


When does your cat eat?               MORNING                        EVENING


Special feeding instructions:




Is your cat on any medications that must be administered?

 If yes, please describe any medication procedures and the name and dosage of the medication as well as where it is kept.




Primary/Preferred Vet                                










Meg Gletherow and Meg’s Petsitting

is allowed to bring the above named pets in for veterinary care if necessary.




Is your cat allowed outdoors?

 Does your cat have favorite toys/games?

 Does your cat have favorite hiding places?

 Is there something that will bring your cat out of hiding (the sound of the can opener or treat jar, for example)?


Please answer the following brief questionnaire about your cat. It will help us to better care for him/her:

 Declawed?  YES / NO

 Tries to escape? YES / NO

 Will not eat when stressed? YES / NO

 Prone to hairballs?  YES / NO

 Skittish with strangers? YES / NO

 Uses the litter box reliably? YES / NO

 Likes to be petted?  YES / NO

 Likes to be held?  YES / NO

 Has the cat bitten anyone? YES / NO

 Other signs of aggression? YES / NO

 LITTER BOX LOCATION:_________________________________________________________________

WASTE DISPOSAL:______________________________________________________________________


Please indicate anything else about your cat's habits or behavior that would be useful to us in providing care: