About Me

My name is Margaret Gletherow, formerly Margaret Cafarelli before I married my husband, Ron Gletherow in 2000.  Ron is my partner, not only in life, but also in my pet sitting business, and will be my back up when needed.  More on Ron later.

My experience with animals has been a lifetime of loving and living with pets.  I literally grew up with my dog, Caesar.  We were "pups" together and grew up together in Billerica and Lexington, Massachusetts.  He was indeed my best friend until he died at the age of 13 on March 15th, "The ides of March".

My love of animals was strong at an early age. As early as I can remember,  maybe five or six years old, I stopped eating meat - that's when I found out where it came from!  What a shock for an animal lover!  We had pet chickens (baby chicks at Easter do turn into chickens!)- and my brother pointed out to me that the chicken I was eating used to be running about like our pet chickens! (no, we didn't eat our pet chickens, my parents were also humanitarians and would not kill a fly)......"The animals are my friends" I declared, "not my dinner!".  Even now, at the age of 54, the idea of eating animal flesh to me is unthinkable and barbaric. I don't judge others - in fact my husband is a carnivore and I wouldn't even try to change him (actually I did try, but it only lasted a few days).  Some people aren't meant to be vegetarians. For me, this is the only option. 

Getting back to my pets, in addition to my beautiful dog, Caesar, my growing up years involved caring for cats, birds, fish, hamsters, lizards, turtles and other various four-legged and feathered friends.  Animals have always been a big part of my life, and I can't imagine life without them.  

Fast forward to the Spring of 2006. After many years of searching for "the perfect job" as an office temp, and having worked as a bookkeeper and office assistant in various businesses, including Burr's Marina and Great Brook Golf, I finally decided to break out on my own and pursue my love of animals as a full time career, as a pet sitter.  Thus began Meg's Petsitting.

Just before starting Meg's Petsitting in 2006, I worked for Four Paws Vet Services and gained valuable experience, working alongside the compassionate veterinarians, Cheryl and Lawrence Monteiro.  The Monteiro's have taken care of my cats for the past twelve years as my "mobile" vets and recently built a brand new state-of-the-art vet clinic in Mystic.  They are very intelligent and caring vets and I'm proud to be associated with Cheryl and Lawrence.

I have lived in Gales Ferry since 1995.  I share my home with my husband, Ron and our cats, Oprah and Hunny.  Ron also loves animals and is especially fond of big dogs.  He assists me on my petsitting jobs, and sometimes substitutes for me when I get too busy.  As well as helping out with the petsitting, Ron is also a talented singer/songwriter and musician, originally from London, England.  After our marriage in December 2000, Ron immigrated to the U.S and settled here with me in 2001.  A few years ago, Ron convinced me to join him on stage, as his back up guitarist, and form the band "Maggie's Guitar", with 2 of our friends.  We play occasionally in the New London area.  You can see videos of some of our shows on our "Maggie's Guitar" link.


My current pride and joy is Hunny.  In the Spring of 2010, she was brought to my home by a friend, who was searching for a new home for her, as her then owner had to give her up.  Ron and I looked into those big blue eyes, and sweet face, and took her in immediately (how can you say no to that face!).  She joined my now 17 year old cat, Oprah.  They tolerate each other.  We also have neighborhood strays, and one in particular that is becoming part of our household and a permanent guest, a sweet orange boy we named "Paul".






Update:  Paul, our nutty orange kitty, has moved in with us permanently, and has become good friends with Hunny. 









July 2014 Update:  We lost our beautiful old lady, Oprah, on June 21st.  She was 19 and a half years old.  She is sorely missed, but she had a peaceful ending, and I know I'll see her again on the other side of that rainbow bridge.  




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